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Career Coaching

Life Coaching

We often live Life by going through the motions. That is when we might be experiencing a lack of fulfillment and alignment..a general feel of discontent.


What are your driving values and your most purposeful dreams? What is most meaningful for you?


When you take control of the direction you want to move towards, it is a lot easier to create a way to get there that is yours and yours only.


My coaching sessions are as good as the commitment you made to yourself for something to change ;) That's when the magic happens!

Contact me for a free intro call!

In this ever-changing work environment, developing skills to future-proof your professional choices is paramount. 

This service is a favorite among many of my senior Clients and also among clients who are approaching the job market for the first time.

With more than 10 years combined experience in Recruitment and Executive Recruitment, a strong understanding of the current job market paired with a genuine care for your success, I will ensure an all rounder approach to each session. 

With my support and your commitment, we will assess the here and now, take stock of your skills and explore what career options are available for you  across segments, industries and within your own job if you are keen for a promotion and or change team within your current employer.

Contact me for a free intro call!

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